Self Funding

MMHF has decided to be pro-active in its fund raising; and not just rely on donations and grants.

Men's Mental
Health Foundation

MMHF's Proactive Fundraising Approach

MMHF has taken a proactive stance in its fundraising efforts, moving beyond traditional donations and grants to implement a unique business model for self-funding. This innovative approach ensures a steady, long-term stream of funding for our charity.

Sustainable Profitable Enterprises Supporting Our Cause

The foundation has established several sustainable, profitable for-profit social enterprises that generously contribute to the Mens Mental Health Foundation. By securing funding from these enterprises, we guarantee long-term financial stability for our charitable endeavors. Donations received from these social enterprises are directed specifically towards the prevention of men’s suicide, bypassing the gender biases present in societal norms.

A Focus on Action, Research, and Prevention

Rather than engaging in mere discussions about men’s mental health, our focus is on research and immediate action to address the root causes of male suicide. The funds raised through our unique model directly intervene at the source, providing men with knowledge, purpose, and resilience to combat the underlying issues leading to suicide.

Supporting Change and Resilience

With a staggering 8 men per day taking their own lives in Australia (approximately 140 per day in the USA), it’s evident that mere talk is not enough. Our social enterprises fund research and initiatives aimed at eliminating the root causes of these suicides, both in the present and for the long term. Our funding strategy is geared towards creating equality and building resilient men, effectively driving a positive shift in societal norms.

Supporting Enterprises and How You Can Contribute

Some of the social enterprises that generously donate to our charity include CAUSE (a service for all charities), Cape York Museum Management, Kruzer Social (dedicated to charity work), Workface Actions (focused on direct intervention), and Our Community Opshops (providing opshop licenses for organizations and clubs). For more details or to contribute, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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We Raise Funds For Men’s Mental Health And Suicide Prevention.