How we support events

At MMHF, we're dedicated to fostering a supportive community for men's mental health. One of the ways we do this is by backing events that raise awareness and promote dialogue about this issue.

Presentations, Speakers, Enthusiasts and Survivors

We generously offer the services of our outstanding and dedicated personnel for you events. We offer effective Presentations, Speakers, Enthusiasts and Survivors who can to make your day more perfect.

Contact us if we can help make your conferences, meetings and events more successful by our MMHF teams’ presentations.

We want to make the opportunity to inform you and those around you about mental health and the need to direct funding to the prevention of suicide.

Your tax-deductible (DGR) response will be more than gratefully received.

Our Foundation purpose is to raise funds to improve men’s mental health at work in male-dominated industries for the prevention of men’s suicide.

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Michelle Prendergast

Say Hello to EPAs Event Manager Michelle Prendergast

Hello Everyone! I’m Michelle, the Operations Manager at Event Personnel Australia.
EPA, the crown jewel under the One Mob umbrella, is the heavyweight champion of indigenous events crewing in W.A. and S.A. We’re not just talking big; we’re talking Michelle-big, overseeing operations with a flair that puts the show in the biggest shows hitting the West Coast.


Managing operations statewide? Yep, that’s my playground! I’m not just providing labor; I’m curating a dream team that caters to our clients’ wildest wishes. It’s not just about finding the right people; it’s about creating an experience that leaves everyone in awe.


So, buckle up, because with me in the driver’s seat, every event is not just a job; it’s a journey into the extraordinary.


Let’s make magic happen together!


If you need assistance with the management of your event and assurance that your donation goes directly to MMH just contact me at:


Phone: 1800 ONE MOB / 0475 052 179


We will help your event success, maximise you fun and assure you donation goals are realised.


EVENT PERSONNEL AUSTRALIA are a proud supporter of MMHF.

We understand that organising a successful event involves a lot of moving parts. That’s why we offer our expertise in event planning and management. From logistics to resource allocation, we’re here to assist every step of the way.

Event Planning & Management

Your event

Your organisation can run an event so that you can donate direct to MMHF “do your event thing” and have fun doing it.

MMHF does not run events themselves but rather leaves it for you to take the initiative with any event directed and fund raising and the enhancement of Resilient Men.

Let us know what you are planning so that it can be registered as a Resilient Men event with MMHF as an affiliated social enterprise charity event.

For your event management services in making a donation to MMHF we recommend Event Personnel Australia P/L; our preferred supplier for all you event management.

Financial Support

One of the biggest hurdles in conducting an event can be securing sufficient funds. At, we provide financial support for eligible events in the form of sponsorships or grants, helping to ensure your event can make the maximum impact.

Promotion and Marketing

Getting the word out about your event is vital. We lend a hand in promoting and marketing your event through our various channels, maximising visibility and encouraging participation.


We’ve compiled answers to some common questions about our event support process and policies. Check out our FAQs section for more information.

MMHF – while all men (young and old) should be catered for, there is a higher propensity for suicide at the 16-18 end and the over 60+ end.

We don’t have a focus on racial or ethnic as at the end of the day we are all men.

MMHF – yes, but as above, our focus is men’s suicide prevention and we are not taking a position
on sub-categories.

MMHF – Building and Construction is the sector that was originally earmarked, primarily as that is
where many suicides are happening (over  200 a year).

MMHF – As above, and good areas of focus. If we have a decision tree, it would run along the areas

  • men
  • areas of high suicide risk for prevention
  • as we will not be ‘operating services ourselves’,
  • the MMHF focus is creating ways to raise funds which we can distribute to either Tier 1 or Tier 2 ACNC nominated charities