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Welcome to Our Corporate Sponsorship Program

We firmly believe that together, we can do more. At MMHF, our mission is to advocate for men's mental health and create an environment where every man feels comfortable seeking the help they need. This journey, while rewarding, comes with its fair set of challenges, and this is where your corporation can step in. By becoming a corporate sponsor, you're not just donating funds; you're providing hope and making a tangible difference in countless lives. Your sponsorship will help us expand our outreach, develop new programs, and continue our advocacy work. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider partnering with us:

Corporate Sponsorship MMHF

Join us as we work towards creating a world where mental health is openly discussed, understood, and supported. Your sponsorship can make that vision a reality.

  • Brand Visibility

    Your company's name and logo will be prominently displayed at our events, on our website, and in our promotional materials. This exposure can significantly enhance your brand recognition.

  • Community Engagement

    Sponsoring our cause provides numerous opportunities for meaningful community engagement. It allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level and shows your commitment to issues they care about.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    In today's world, consumers expect corporations to do more than just make profits. They want them to be socially responsible. By sponsoring us, you'll be demonstrating that your company is committed to making a positive impact in the world.

Sponsorship Levels

As a Bronze sponsor, your company’s name will be featured on our website’s sponsor page and in our monthly newsletter.

Silver sponsors receive all the benefits of Bronze sponsors, plus their logo displayed at one of our events and a mention in our press releases.

Gold sponsors enjoy all the benefits of Silver level, with the addition of their logo on our event banners, promotional materials, and a dedicated post on our social media platforms.

The highest level of sponsorship, Platinum sponsors receive all the benefits of Gold level, along with a sponsored blog post, prominent logo placement on our homepage, and the opportunity to speak at one of our events.

Our Patrons & Ambassadors

We love our supporters, meet the men on the mission.


Greg Van Borssum

Born on January 9, 1971, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, Greg Van Borssum has defied the odds to become an acclaimed assistant director, actor, martial artist, bodybuilder, and speaker. Well-known for his work on Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Happy Feet (2006), and Method of Entry (2005), Greg's journey is a testament to the power of self-belief and resilience. Greg's diverse accomplishments span various domains. He is a seasoned martial artist, a dedicated bodybuilder, an accomplished pistol shooter, and a respected filmmaker. In 2019, he added another feather to his cap by becoming the Southern Hemisphere's first Globally Accredited Speaker. Today, Greg is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experiences with future generations. Through his GVB Speakers Academy, Mind Warrior Martial Arts School, and keynote speaking engagements, he continues to inspire and guide others. His story serves as a beacon for those who dare to dream, persevere, and redefine their potential.

Greg Van Borssum


Jesse Martin

Born in 1981, Jesse Martin is a German-Australian sailor who, at just 18, became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, non-stop, and unassisted. His epic 11-month voyage aboard the sloop Lionheart-Mistral, sponsored by brands like Mistral and Herald Sun, set a record that remains unmatched. Martin's inspiring journey has been chronicled in his book, Lionheart: A Journey of the Human Spirit, and continues to motivate young sailors worldwide. Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Martin has transitioned into business, establishing a media production company and a sailing adventure charter business. He's also authored a follow-up book and directed a documentary about the first solo yacht race around the world. Recognised for his achievements with multiple awards, including the Australian Yachting Federation's Youth Sailor of the Year (1999-2000), Young Victorian of the Year (2000), the Centenary Medal (2001), and the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) in 2002, Martin's story embodies youthful determination and the spirit of adventure.

Our Patron

Caleb Goullet

Caleb Goullet is a young supercross racer from Diggers Rest Victoria. He has raced dirt bikes all his life, competing in many different events and series including motocross, desert racing and supercross. Caleb is currently (2023/24) competing in India in their supercross league alongside two fellow Aussies; which is already proven to be such a great opportunity. When he is not racing or training you’ll find him cycling, in the gym or out with mates fishing, camping and always having a good time!
We are delighted that such “resilient young” men are contributing to the prevention of men’s suicide; we are all looking forward to Calebs ongoing success and participation with MMHF.


Men's Lives Changed. What more could you want?

Check out the incredible story of how MMHF helped sponsors connect with a real life changing event with Wayne and his son.

Homeless Man Helped MMHF


Men's Lives Changed. Homeless To Hopeful

We found a homeless man, and gave him some hope. A clean shave, a shower, can make a man feel brand new.


We're Joining Forces, Raising Money and Driving Mustangs For Mens Mental Health

We're teaming up to support men's mental health by hitting the road in style with a one of a kind Mustang. Kruzer Earthmoving is now an official partner of the Men's Mental Health Charity and in this video and many more to come you'll start to see how we plan on changing lives for the better.

Josh Bear Hug

How to Become a Sponsor

Ready to join us in making a difference? Don't wait any longer. Take the first step towards becoming a corporate sponsor by clicking on Apply Now. Together, we can champion the cause of men's mental health. Embarking on this journey with us is straightforward. Here's how you can become a part of our mission.

  • 1

    Choose Your Level

    Review our sponsorship tiers and choose the one that aligns best with your company's goals and budget.

  • 2

    Fill Out the Application Form

    Complete the Sponsorship Application Form with your company's details and the chosen sponsorship level.

  • 3

    Review & Agreement

    Our team will review your application. Upon approval, we will send you a Sponsorship Agreement outlining the terms, benefits, and responsibilities associated with your chosen level.

  • 4

    Make Your Contribution

    Once the agreement is signed, you can make your contribution via the payment method outlined in the agreement.

  • 5

    Welcome Aboard

    After receiving your contribution, we'll officially welcome you as a sponsor and start implementing the benefits associated with your sponsorship level.

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Basic Plan

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Frequently Asked questions

We understand that you may have questions about our sponsorship program. Here are some answers to the most common queries:

Yes, all contributions to MMHF.ORG are tax-deductible as we are a registered charity in Australia. You will receive a receipt for your contribution that you can use when preparing your taxes.

The funds we receive from sponsors are used to support various initiatives aimed at promoting men’s mental health. This includes education and awareness campaigns, research, community outreach programs, and more.

Absolutely. We believe in transparency and will send you regular reports showing how your contribution is helping us make a difference in the field of men’s mental health.

Yes, if there is a particular project or initiative that you would like to sponsor, please let us know. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

Our standard sponsorship agreement lasts for one year from the date of signing. However, we’re always open to discussing longer-term partnerships.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help!

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