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Males over 65 have the highest rate of suicide

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Contribute to reducing men’s suicide particularly in male dominated industries


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Reduce the impact of poor mental health in male dominated industries



Corporate and Organisation donation refers to any financial contribution made by a corporation to another entity such as MMHF that furthers the contributor’s own objectives.

MMHF is very aware that executives increasingly see themselves in a no-win situation, caught between critics demanding ever higher levels of “corporate social responsibility” and investors applying relentless pressure to maximize short-term profits.

Giving more does not satisfy the critics—the more companies donate; the more is expected of them. And executives find it hard, if not impossible, to justify charitable expenditures in terms of bottom-line benefit.

The majority of corporate contribution programs are diffuse and unfocused. Most consist of numerous small cash donations given to aid local civic causes or provide general operating support to universities and national charities in the hope of generating goodwill among employees, customers, and the local community. Rather than being tied to well-thought-out social or business objectives, the contributions often reflect the personal beliefs and values of executives or employees.

MMHF understands that Corporate dollars are better served going to one single Industry Foundation (like the Cancer Foundation) so that all corporate philanthropic donations go direct to their industry

Due to the significantly high rate of men’s suicide in male dominated industries, construction in particular MMHF has now responded by providing an industry specific not-for-profit Charity that raises funds just for the prevention of men’s suicide and the improvement of men’s mental health at work in THOSE men in need in those industries

To meet your Corporate Objective and the pressing needs of executives all Corporate donations to MMHF only go to those who provide services and research for the prevention of men’s suicide and the improvement of men’s mental health at work in male dominated industries, construction in particular.

As such MMHF Blokes OpShop have been identified because their focus will be on males and especially males over 70.

MMHF has responded to this specific over 65’s need for suicide prevention by establishing and implementing Blokes OpShops. The MMHFs Blokes OpShops will provide a place for men of all ages to browse, meet and communicate together in a familiar environment of men’s stuff; particularly men as volunteers in the 70’s who can become OpShop volunteers – this is the case for general op-shops whose volunteers are predominantly women.

Corporate donations will likewise go to Blokes OpShops to assist in the prevention of men’s suicide in this age group

A deductible gift recipient (DGR) is an organisation or fund that registers to receive tax deductible gifts or donations. The MMHF Foundation Constitution provides for DGR and is a fund that can receive tax deductible gifts

As such Corporations and Organisations in Australia who donate to MMHF can claim the same benefits. Just like an individual donation, a corporate donation must be $2 or more in value to be tax deductible.

Corporate giving can be used as a marketing and reputation-building tool that increases sales, attracts new clients and capital, builds the firm’s image in the community, and increases support from employees and other stakeholders.

Please call us at 1800 THE MMHF to arrange a Corporate donation between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm Monday to Friday. Outside these hours please leave a message and we will back to you as soon as possible Or Email us anytime on

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Distributions of funds received as a not-for -profit organisation, inclusive of revenue from the Blokes OpShops, will be to improve men’s mental health at work in male dominated industries and for the prevention of men’s suicide, specifically the construction industry. Funds raised with be given to aid research and practical measures into men’s suicide prevention.

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