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Donate or open an OpShop to make a difference

Donate men’s stuff

Clear out your sheds, garages or home and bring unwanted ‘men’s stuff to us
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Bloke’s OpShop Opportunities

Provide a place for men to browse, meet and communicate amongst men’s stuff
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Donate men’s stuff

We need mens Men’s Stuff. Men’s stuff is not particular to men per se. Mens Stuff simply means “stuff” / products to be sold in the Blokes OpShops that are generally called “men’s stuff” because it has been conventionally and historically the stuff that by and large blokes use and is in sheds, garages or on properties, at homes etc
If you have any please call us and donate it to any of the MMHF Blokes OpShop

The Blokes OpShop business is simply a commercial charity OpShop enterprise following the typical op-shop model using volunteers reselling (recycling) this “mens stuff”; rather than ladies’ clothes, second-hand home and kitchen ware as well as general bric-a brac in conventional op-shops which by and large and a happenstance of history post war are most often serviced by volunteer women and infrequently having men as buyers

In this regard selling second-hand men’s stuff in Blokes OpShops is an alternative to a conventional op-shop, is a unique selling proposition for MMHF and is not a gender specific assignment.

The product availability (of men’s stuff) is amongst second-hand or new old stock items to be found languishing in garages, sheds, workshops, and the like. These are readily donatable (free) and available for MMHF sale through their Blokes OpShops. Just give us a call and you can deliver it to your local Blokes OpShop.

Men’s stuff is also available through properties being put for sale and whose owners/estates want the sheds cleaned out. Clearing sales (leftovers) are also product inventory across farming communities who would readily provide their stuff to a charity or otherwise face having to sell it or send it to the tip. MMHF provides a worthwhile charitable alternative to dumping and assures the minimization of landfill

We take hardware and equipment –

Such as second-hand “men’s stuff” or new old stock items in garages, sheds, and workshops. Homeowner sales, estates, and clearing out sale shed items – they’re all welcome.

Items as:

  • hardware and equipment
  • tools
  • new old stock ready to be used
  • woodwork and metal machinery
  • garden tools, umbrellas, and settings
  • utensils, gizmos, tool kits,
  • apparel, work clothes, unused PPE
  • screws, bolts, and washers
  • hand-held saws, horses (the tool kind), and clamps
  • screwdrivers, chisels, hammers
  • wrenches, socket sets, and ladders
  • spades, shovels, rakes, clippers,
  • buzzers, sanders, saws, etc (battery or cord)
  • and any other stuff laying around in your shed suitable for resale.

Your “men’s stuff” goes to our Blokes Opshops for resale and will provide blokes with a purpose.

Builders’ and contractor’s waste –

  • all scrap metals
  • and any timber > 3m lengths
  • construction tools and equipment

We need your waste. Just give us a call at 0445 566 789 and we will give you an MMHF Waste Registration Number (MWRN).

  • Boot or trailer full – just drop off direct to 494 Boundary Road, Derrimut, VIC 3026 (with your MWRN), or
  • Palleted /Bin volumes of eWaste – use our FEE PICK UP option – just contact USR direct at 03 9314 3368

Always give USR your MMHF Waste Registration Number so ‘your waste will save lives’.

OpShop Opportunities

Man over 65 have the highest rate of suicide. MMHF has responded by establishing and implementing Blokes OpShops to

Through MMHFs Blokes OpShops a secondary benefit in line with MMHFs charitable purpose is enabled because Blokes OpShops will provide a place for men of all ages and to browse, meet and communicate together in a familiar environment of men’s stuff; particularly men as volunteers in the 70’s who can become OpShop volunteers – this is the case for general op-shops whose volunteers are predominantly women.

As such MMHF Blokes OpShop have been identified because their focus will be on males and especially males over 70.

Our first Blokes OpShop is scheduled for start-up on its July 2023 in Melbourne

The Blokes OpShops, which can be likened to a mini second-hand hardware warehouse where the op-shop ethos of recycling, the charitable nature of the not-for-profit gesture of customers, Blokes OpShops provide the “vibe” of an op-shop for buyers and indeed is a shop that offers an item to those looking for the odd handyman or equipment bargain or two, or perhaps just the shopping experience for something different and useful or important to them.

This could be a single nut or a washer you want and prefer not to have to buy 3 or six at a big retails store; if you need a gen set there is nothing better that a new old stock at half the price and, if you need a decent vice or anvil say goodbye to a lot of $ at the Blokes OpShop shop.

The Blokes OpShops generate revenue for MMHF. Blokes OpShops are an operations division of MMHF and all revenue raised by the MMHF Blokes OpShops is direct revenue after profit to MMHF

They are also the public face of the MMHF as are Vinnies and the Family Life OpShops.

MMHF Blokes OpShops are the strategic value add to the revenue of MMHF and are an operation within in MMHF itself. The competitive advantage to these Blokes OpShops is that they are staffed by Volunteers sourced and provided by MMHF itself. In this regard costs are kept to a minimum as there is no staff costs involved.

All volunteers are expected predominantly to be males. This is most likely but not mandatory because the MMHF op-shops are simply Blokes OpShops selling men’s stuff – i.e. not dresses and glass ware as is the case with most other op-shops where females are the predominant volunteering personnel and clientele.

As such men involved as volunteers in the Blokes OpShop retail outlets will do “worthwhile things” in a social male environment where there is a sense of purpose, and as a volunteer, doing a worthwhile “act of charity”. All of these things are good for men’s mental health and thereby the prevention of suicide.

All volunteers are welcome to apply to be a Blokes OpShops Volunteer

To open a MMHF Blokes OpShop Opportunities selling “mens stuff” in post podes anywhere in Australia please call us on 1800 THE MMHF 9:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday; outside these hours, please leave a message and we will back to you as soon as possible Or Email us anytime on

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