Our Purpose

The MMHF is a not-for-profit charity which raises funds to improve men’s mental health in male dominated industries for the prevention of men’s suicide.

Who We Are

Men’s Mental Health Foundation (MMHF) is a Charity for men’s mental health that raises funds to improve men’s mental health at work in male-dominated industries for the prevention of men’s suicide, particularly the construction industry, by funding research and industry initiatives.
In the past 10 years around 3500 men have died in male-dominated industries and the construction industry due to mental health and suicide causes. And sadly, men over 65 have the highest rate of suicide.

We actively raise funds through:

  1. Philanthropic donations
  2. Events
  3. Raffles
  4. Recycling and landfill reduction
  5. Bequests and
  6. Blokes Opshop donations

We do not provide services but all funds raised by MMHF go to research into matters affecting men’s mental health eg project delivery and contract compliance obligations, and also directly to fund practical initiatives where men need immediate support such as the provision of full-time welfare officers on every major project site.


What We Do

Welcome to the Men’s Mental Health Foundation (MMHF) website. Our mission is to improve the mental health of men in male dominated industries, specifically in the construction industry, and prevent suicide.

Recent statistics show that over the past 10 years, around 3500 men have lost their lives to mental health issues and suicide in male dominated industries, with the construction industry being one of the most affected.

MMHF is a registered not-for-profit charity that raises funds for research, early intervention, and treatment programs for men’s mental health and suicide prevention. We aim to effectively fund mental health intervention research and practical measures for preventing suicide.

Our fundraising activities include seeking donations, grants, and bequests, organising events, holding a major annual raffle, selling salvaged products, and working with our partner, Blokes OpShops, to collect and sell second-hand hardware and e-waste to reduce landfill.

We provide a platform for male dominated industries to donate directly to a charity dedicated to improving men’s mental health, particularly the construction industry. All funds raised will be donated to our chosen charities, research organizations, and industry partners to further their work in this field.

While mental health is well understood and supported in the construction industry, the persistent problem of all male suicides (8 per day) a gap in “the way business is done” and the effective practical prevention approaches will be funded.

With a market size of over $400 billion per annum, it is estimated that the construction industry alone could contribute up to $2 million in donations to MMHF annually.

Our not-for-profit activities such as recycling, donations, and raffles etc are expected to raise 80% of MMHF’s funds, while our partnership with Blokes Opshops is expected to provide an additional 20% of income. The Blokes OpShops provide a social and familiar environment for men to meet and communicate and offer opportunities for men of all ages to volunteer; particularly men over 65 which has the highest rate of male suicides.

In the words of Professor Jordan Peterson, “All humans can equally have a propensity to suicide, but men, by their male nature, act.” Join us in our mission to improve men’s mental health and prevent suicide.

Leon Gardiner
Founding Director & Chairman

Our Patron

Jesse Martin OAM

Jesse Martin remains the youngest solo non-stop unassisted sailor to cross opposite points of the globe in a single round the world voyage. His voyage has inspired sailors to become involved in sailing and to attempt similar circumnavigations

His inspiration and lessons in resilience have become markers for the well-being of all men of all ages


Leon is an Architect and was a foundation Director, at Davis Langdon International (Australia / NZ) In recent years as a consultant he acknowledged the state of men’s mental health and the prevalence of suicides in male-dominated industries including construction and resources. He established and is now the foundation Chair/Director of the Men’s Mental Health Foundation (MMHF) which has been created to fund research and practical prevention initiatives for the industry. Leon’s strategic business development and implementation of MMHF will build long-term fundraising outcomes and funding for existing professional and operational groups addressing men’s mental health and suicide prevention

Leon Gardiner

Founding Director (Victoria)

Check is Director of Operations, Director of Operations, QMS Certification Services Pty Ltd. As co-founder of ICG Certification Services P/ L, he was responsible for business management, finance, and international expansion of the business as an internationally accredited certification company. Check is also a Board Member of Amaze Inc. shaping a better future for autism through advocacy, campaigning, and supporting autistic people. Check s business acumen and advice across many industries and his personal experiences epitomize the values and integrity of MMHFs purpose

Check J. Tan

Inaugural Director (Victoria)

Phil is the Director of Territory Systems Management Pty Ltd, Greater Darwin Area. Phil has over 20 years of industry experience in the construction and resources industries and has firsthand experience in men’s mental health issues and men’s suicide. Phil is currently a senior manager in one of Australia’s largest construction and heavy industry-related companies in his role on work health and safety. Phil provides practical current knowledge and experience from the field and its management.  This expertise ensures that MMHFs funds are directed to strategic and imperative research needs and practical on-site control measures

Phil Tonks

Inaugural Director (Northern Territory)

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